Sirmione, a pearl of the Garda Lake

sirmioneThe city of Sirmione is very well known in Italy thanks to the definition the poet Catullo used to describe it. He called the place “ the pearl of the islands and peninsulas”, also due to the fact that the thermal water with healing properties are very rich.

Of course he was not the only one who wrote something about this small corner of paradise: also Stendhal, Lawrence and Goethe, for example, underlined both its artistic and environmental beauty.

Carnival 2014 on the Garda Lake

gardaCarnival is coming, and the Garda Lake is ready to welcome some of the events which will be held in the area starting from this month.

Some cities and town have their own way to celebreate it, and all of the have something in common: parades, events, games, music, balloons and fun. So, according to the following schedule, try to attend at least one Carnival and for one day, forget about work and stress.

The Spazio d’Incontro, a new concept of architecture

SPAZIO D'AUTOREIf you are interested in art, you definitely can’t skip this architecture exhibition which is hold in Tenno, in the Trentino region, near to the Garda Lake.

The Spazio d’Incontro, which is the Italian translation of meeting place was realized according to the extravagant idea of Henry Grill, who wanted to create a new kind of space able to fulfill all the need of men.

And the result is basically perfect, as the visit of so many tourists underlines.