Sirmione, a pearl of the Garda Lake

sirmioneThe city of Sirmione is very well known in Italy thanks to the definition the poet Catullo used to describe it. He called the place “ the pearl of the islands and peninsulas”, also due to the fact that the thermal water with healing properties are very rich.

Of course he was not the only one who wrote something about this small corner of paradise: also Stendhal, Lawrence and Goethe, for example, underlined both its artistic and environmental beauty.

Reflections about the Garda Lake

After having enjoyed the special and traditional cuisine in Veneto, and enjoyed this crazy weather where sun and snow perfectly mix together, relax in your hotel enjoying the fact that you are in the heart of Europe, amidst the Alps, where ancient traditions match with the modern facilities, offering you a great time to spend there before going back home to your daily ordinary routine.

Go for a walk along the Garda Lake, take pictures which can be great at this time of the year, especially around 5 or 6 pm, when you can enjoy a very nice and romantic sunset, having the sun glittering the water, offering you the idea of something magic.

Waiting for Christmas on the Garda Lake

nataleChristmas is coming, and the Arco Market had officially opened on November 16th, and until December 23rd, every weekend (Fridays-Saturdays-Sundays), it will host the Christmas markets. A great opportunity you shall not miss, since it is very nice to see how to celebrate the holidays in a different way, exploring ideas around the markets.

More than 30 stands will be nestled in the center, on the shores of the Garda Lake, and tourists and guests will be able to see hundreds of gift ideas for Christmas. Scarfs, wool and sheepskin berets, slippers, lanterns, hand-made crèches, artistic felt products, natural products, and so on.

The list of the must-see Italian cities- part 1

When you decide to come to Italy, the first question that crosses your mind is: “What cities will I visit?”, since there are so many options and you don’t know how to organize your trip. The most important places in the country, the one you have to go to at least once in your lifetime, are the following: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa and Naples. Since the list is too long, the post will be divided in 2 parts, and you will be able to read the second one in 2 weeks.