Lake Garda Travel Guide: Welcome on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the biggest Lake of Italy, it’s name comes from the Longobard word Warda, that means “Guard”. The reason is connected to the period of the was between Romans and Barbarians. Lake Garda was a strategic point; the control over this area guaranteed the domain of a huge portion of the northern Italy.
lake garda
For this reason, Lake Garda was the theater of many battles during every age; Romans, Longobards, Franks, Venetians, etc. . It may seem strange, but this beautiful area, offering today stunning views, natural and relaxing locations, has never known peace untile the latest century.

Fortunately, the Lake was able to heal its wounds. And the only remains of that horrible past made of battles and scattered blood is a huge collection of castles, perfectly well kept and interesting to visit.

This big lake belongs to three different districts; Brescia’s district owns the south western area, Verona’s the south Eastern and Trento the northern one. Every different district has its own soul. Probably Brescia’s and Verona’s are similar; most of the town and cities of this area looks like seaside locations, like Rimini or Riccione.

The more you go north, the more you can feel a different atmosphere; probably also due to the presence of the mountains, the cities of the northern part are a little bit austere and aristocratic at the same time .

The entire area of Lake Garda is served by an efficient railroad. However, moving without your own car could be a risk for the result of your holiday; there are many interesting places that you can’t reach without a car. And, into some cities, going around just walking may be difficult or even impossible.

An alternative could be a byke trip, thanks to the bicycle path that goes through the south coast of the lake. However, a journey make in this way can be suitable only by young people looking for an adventure more than a vacation.

If you have decided to spend your holiday on Lake Garda, prepare yourself to see some of the most beautiful views of the whole Italy. Every city lying on the lakeside has at least a view that is worth a picture. Some towns, facing the Lake from the top of the hills, can offer you a landscape even more stunning.

And what about the food ? You’ll enjoy Lake Garda specialty for sure; cheese, ham, fowl and truffles are excellent and the traditional Italian recipes of this area improve their value even more. We should also spend some words about the wine; in particular the famous Rosè made in Moniga is one of the most precious wines of the whole Italy.

An important thing you should look for, its your accomodation on Lake Garda for the period of your staying; the most beautiful towns of Lake Garda are usually the less visited. For this reason you’ll have to foil a little, in order to find an hotel.

Expecially if you are travelling during summer. Anyway don’t panic; the web in this case can be very useful. We are sure you’ll enjoy your staying on Lake Garda. And the experience you are going to do there, will remain in your memories forever.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Steven2358