Sirmione, a pearl of the Garda Lake

sirmioneThe city of Sirmione is very well known in Italy thanks to the definition the poet Catullo used to describe it. He called the place “ the pearl of the islands and peninsulas”, also due to the fact that the thermal water with healing properties are very rich.

Of course he was not the only one who wrote something about this small corner of paradise: also Stendhal, Lawrence and Goethe, for example, underlined both its artistic and environmental beauty.

The same can pretty much said about the Ancient Romans, whom referred to Sirmione as “Mansio” after the fall of the Empire.

Located on the South bank of the Garda Lake, in the exact spot where the peninsula divides Desenzano and Peschiera, the city has a very interesting history, which includes not only the international Spa, but also the ruins of ancient buildings, such as the Roman Villa of the first imperial era.

In addition to this, Sirmione has a very long history which dates back to the Longobard Kingdom, before the Scalingera regime and the independence the city got during the 12th Century.

Nowadays some of the ruins are still important elements for the city, even though the place has become one of the tourists’ favorite spots because of its facilities to practice windsurfing or sailing.

Due to this fact, the hotels are at the international level, able to satisfy also the most demanding clients who always want more. The most they ask, the most they get in this place. What else could you ask for, while staying in a city surrounded by the wall stone which can give a very suggestive and romantic view?

Find a weekend or some days to visit the Scaligero castle, as well as the famous churches S. Pietro in Mavino and S. Anna della Rocca. And do not miss the chance to see the beautiful Roman villa named “Grotte di Catullo”: you will love it.

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