The list of the must-see Italian cities- part 1

When you decide to come to Italy, the first question that crosses your mind is: “What cities will I visit?”, since there are so many options and you don’t know how to organize your trip. The most important places in the country, the one you have to go to at least once in your lifetime, are the following: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Pisa and Naples. Since the list is too long, the post will be divided in 2 parts, and you will be able to read the second one in 2 weeks.
As everybody know, Rome is the capital of Italy and it is also the one-time capital of an ancient empire, as you can see from the old ruins all around the city. Its history is so interesting and still lives nowadays in the modern-days. Most of the people think Rome is a living museum, even if inside the city there are lots of them, actually, and they host some of the most famous art in the world. The first monument tourists can associate with Rome is the Colusseum, which is the most obvious and the most visited. After that, fountains, churches, statues and so on. Rome is also surrounded by the city-state of the Vatican, often called the Holy See. You don’t have to be Catholic to go there and admire the St. Peter’s Basilica, which is seen daily also by Muslims and people believing in other religions.

Often known as the “birthplace of the Renaissance”, Florence hosts the famous “David” by Michelangelo and the “Uffizy Gallery” museum. The lovely Ponte Vecchio and the Pitti Palace are some of the remnants of the time when the De’  Medici family ruled the city, showing all its success and power to the other Tuscan families. Florence is also known for the Chianti wine, one of the best ones in Italy, due to its taste.

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