Velambiente, an exhibition on the Garda Lake

velambiente 2013

Until the end of October it is possible to learn all the details related to sailing thanks to the great chance offered by Velambiente, in order to have a more sustainable world.

The location which has to be chosen since March is Riva del Garda, a must see place you can’t skip while visiting and exploring the lake. What a great idea to sneak around without missing anything.

The permanent exhibition you find out and discover what are the keys related to the sailing, including some tricks and the techniques. That’s because this is not aa simple sport, it’s definitely more. It includes the great opportunity of focusing on the enviroment in a new different way.

Due to this reason, there are a few interactive and multimedial corners along the path you have to walk during the visit. There, for example, you can listen to the sounds of the lake, as well as the legends sailmakers tell.

Learn and understand better the acquatic ecosysistem, focusing on the animals in particular, as well as the latest creations related to the energy efficiency field. It means knowing not only the techniques used to make a sailing boat, but also the materials used to build it.

The visit could also be very interesting for children, who will find a real treasure in front of their eyes and they will be asthonised and amazed by the exhibit.

You can also book a guided visit in order to learn more about sailing and the secrets of this sport. It could be interesting, and moreover, it is free of charge.

Do not miss this important chance related to what is happening on our earth and what we can do it to protect our world.

Opening hours
Tuesday-Friday from 10 am to 3.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 4 to 7 pm
Monday closed

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