Food and drink in Malcesine

Malcesine (whose pronunciation can be hard for people from other country, who keep calling it Malchesine) is a small town located on the eastern shore of Garda Lake, and it’s well known by tourists because it is very picturesque, with all the cobbled lanes and the castle, which is in between the waters and the massive mountain called Monte Baldo.

During summer life there is a little bit lazy, since you can have some time to enjoy the place, and the view, maybe while you are eating an icre-cream along the lake shore. Relax is the keyword in order to totally enjoy the vacation or journey or trip and it is not seen as a waste of time, since the town’s ferry keep working everyday to let people and tourist go from on lakeside to the oder, offering a lovely sightseeing and the cable-car that runs up to Monte Baldo works too.

Due to its position, Malcesine has alway been compared by people to a fiord, probably because of its position and the edge of the Veneto region.

If you look for the right places for eat and drink, go to the characteristic bars and order a “spremuta”, a fresh fruit juice mixed with tempting ice-cream concoctions.

If you prefer a happy hour, with an atmospheric evening drinks, the right places to go are the three main squares: Piazza Turazza, Piazza Cavour and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. These sociable spots have a wide choise of places where to sit, eat and drink.

Moreover, some bars and restaurants put on cheesy live music and karaoke during summer, while others are more classic and offer a sophisticated touch, showing the Italian fashion you can relax and sip a glass of good wine while watching the famous promenade, called the “passeggiata”.

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