Visit Lake Garda during winter

Lake Garda, although located in northern Italy, is known by all to have some unique features, from its mild climate that makes it an excellent destination to be visited during the autumn and winter. During this period the lake is very beautiful, everything is much quieter and you can find the same opportunities at prices much lower than in high season.

visit lake garda during winter

Since September, you can find very good deals to stay in excellent hotels, make curative treatments in many spas in the area of Garda, hiking tours and enjoy the wonderful views of the lake surrounded by mountains.

Noteworthy are also possible to taste the delicious typical products of the Garda Lake, the famous extra virgin olive oil, dishes prepared with fresh fish caught by local fishermen, fruit and vegetables in season and wines that only here can be found. One of the best attractions of Lake Garda are the theme parks, they offer the opportunity to have fun even in winter with festivals and events in each month.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Marco_Style

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