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Lake Garda lies in the northern part of Italy, on the borders of three different districts; Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. You can reach the area of Lake Garda by car, plane or train. If you are coming by plane, the best solution consist in landing in Verona’ s airport. From Verona , Lake Garda is definely close, just twenty minutes away.

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If Verona’s airport is not available as a destination from your location, a second option could be Milan. Even if more distant, Milan is still close, with a distance of about one hour. If possible, choose to land in Milano Linate instead of Milano Malpensa, you’ll save a lot of time, due to the major distance from Malpensa to Lake Garda.

If you are coming by train, there are two important railroads serving the area ; the first one is the line Milano-Venezia, with trains available every fifteen minutes. The second one is the line Brennero-Roma, suggested if you are coming from southern Italy (for example, if you are coming to Italy by plain, landing at Leonardo da Vinci’s airport of Rome). Coming by train from Milan is definely fast, it’ll take no more than an hour. If you are coming from Rome, your trip will take at least four hours and half, if you are travelling with the new high speed train.

Finally, if you are coming by car, just look for the Brennero freeway if you start your trip from southern Italy. Be careful, it is going to be a long trip, at least five hours of driving. Differently, if you are coming from Northern West Europe, head straight to Milan and follow the Milan-Venice freeway. In case you are coming from Eastern Europe, you’ll have to follow the Brennero – Roma freeway again, but this time in the opposite direction.

On Garda Lake area, you can move in many ways; the easier consist in going around by car; we strongly suggest you this option because many small and interesting town are not served by train. However, if you are not planning to go deeply into the Lake Garda’s countryside, you can move through the railroad, linking all the mayor cities of this area.

If you prefer, also a capillary bus system is available. Probably it wont be extremely comfortable, but it is a good alternative to the car, if you need to reach smaller towns of the area.

Finally, there are still two particular solutions you could be interested in. The first one is the Garda Bicycle path; linking about half of the cities lying on the Lake, this bicycle path is one of the biggest of Europe. If you feel sporty and your luggage is not cumbersome, you can evalue this opportunity. Even if extremely tiring, this path will let you admire the wild nature of the Lake.

The other, definely more relaxing and romantic solution, is a boat trip. Navigarda company serves the whole area, connecting by ferry the biggest cities lying on the lake. This is a slow way to move, but the atmosphere is definely adorable.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: ell brown