Monuments in Malcesine

Since we have already talked about Malcesine, it’s great to spend some words on this place, which is incredibly loved by tourists coming to the Garda Lake.

The main attractions of the place are basically three: wander the town’s lanes, catch the boat to reach some lake resorts, such as Riva or Limone, and
take the cable-car up to the heights of Monte Baldo. The small medieval town lies on the slope from the lake.

It’s a very nice place having lots of pretty little squares, cafes, restaurants, gelaterie and souvenir shops where you can also buy selling handbags, shoes, limoncello and clothes. All around you can see boats, located in the harbor, the Porto Vecchio, which is a very quiet spot where you can enjoy a lovely lake view.

Malcesine is also an historical place, and the main attraction of the town is definitely the castle Castello Scaligero, which takes its name from the dellabScala family, who owned it and made alterations during the 13th and the 14th centuries. the castle was being used, restored and adapted for militarybpurposes up until the nineteenth century. Nowadays the castle is also a wedding venue, and it is a perfect location for your most important day of your life.

The battlemented fortress is open to the public as a museum, which is called the Museo Castello Scaligero. It takes a surprising amount of time to explorebit completely, since it held three small museums and some temporary exhibitions. There is a natural history museum with well-designed displaysbinteresting both adults and children, and it also has a room dedicated to Goethe, the German writer who visited back in 1786 and was suspected ofbspying when he sketched the castle. Simply a legend or the truth? As a matter of fact, anyone knows for sure.

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