Sailing in the Garda Lake

As most of the Italians know, the Garda Lake is one of the best regatta locations in the country, that’s why most of the people love spending their summer there, while being close to nature and breath some fresh air.

Get away from the city, the pollution and the traffic, and enjoy your vacation on a trip on a boat or using th windsurf. Don’t be scared of the waves, which are never large, and they are perfect for beginners too, in order to let them try these new lovely sports.

If you are interested, you can ask to one of the schools in the area: most of them, in fact, offer an international circuit, giving you very qualified instructors who speak English very well and who are able to teach you everything, including the basics.

After some lessons, you will be able to sail by yourself and ride down the wind, always wearing all the equipment the school offers you in order to be safe and not to have any risks at all. The service these teachers give you is not only very efficient, but also fundamental to let you learn what you need to know in order to windsurf.

Luckily winds blow regular, so you won’t have to worry about anything, but in case of danger, you definitely have to know what to do to be safe.

One of the best locations where to go is Riva del Garda, but also Torbole sul Garda is very well known, and some people even choose it as the number one place where to go.

You could try both of them, in order to see which place you like the most, and which activity is the one for you, since you can’t be perfect in all of them, unfortunately.

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