The Giro d’Italia 2012 will pass near the Garda Lake

The 16th stage of the Giro d’Italia (in English Tour of Italy), the very well known bicycle race in our country that takes place every spring, will start from Limone sul Garda on 22nd May 2012. It will touch an area of the west coast road, nearby the Garda Lake, offering an amazing view to supporters from all over the world.
All the city will be decorated with the pink colour, the same one of the classic t-shirt dressed by the bikers of the Giro.

As always,this event will be followed by the media, because the ride “Italia 2012” is particularly hard, since the bikers have to approach all the hills. Actually it started in Denmark on 5th May and after three Danish stages it has been transferred to Italy.
The athletes will stop at the Garda Lake for one day, after coming back from Lecco. After 50 years, they will finish the stage.
The line of stage directly in Limone sul Garda, the 16th stage of the ride, is scheduled for 22nd May. The road will be the one near the famous lake, the “Gardesana Occidentale”and it will end in Falzes (Bolzano). It will be 174 km long.
It will be a very good opportunity to visit the place after having seen the Giro d’Italia. You will discover some interesting things, such as the origin of the name of the town. Why Limone sul Garda? In Italian “limone” means “lemon”, and it comes from the Latin “limen”, which means “border”. The word is also connected to the commonly the typical local citrus fruit. You will also discover that the town dates back to the Neolithic Age, in fact in the nearby, in the Ledro Valley, you can still visit some prehistoric elements.

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