The Asparagus Festival near the Garda Lake

If you are in Italy during this month of May, and if you like our food, you have to find a way to attend the  Asparagus Festival which will be held until the end of the month near the Garda Lake.
This is the asparagus season and the very well known province of Verona (Romeo and Juliet’s place) invites everybody to taste this healthy vegetables.
The festival consists of a series of events organized by the APT Riviera Degli Olivi, Garda (VR) at some locations such as Rivoli Veronese, Cavaion Veronese and Pastrengo. Visitors will be have a full immersion into the culture and the philosophy of the asparagus and they will come away with a full appreciation of what it takes to produce, prepare and commercialize this spring crop.

Basically this event is a gastronomical initiative where festivals and tastings will inspire the guests.
There will be some video introductions to the  asparagus cultivation, a series of exhibitions of the products and conferences explaining the culture of the asparagus, the importance of the European brand IGP and the taste and the display of the so-called “best asparagus” of Rivoli.
You will also learn how to cook asparagus: there are various methods, such as steaming, boiling, grilling or roasting. You will find out that the best option is to cook it in the microwave, after having washed it and cleaned it in order to remove all the sand and dirt. Then, you need to dry it with a clean soft kitchen towel, and cut the it in sections. The sections, as you will hear during the conferences, can be  either stir fried or blanched for using in vegetable dips.
The producers featured in the initiative last year were: Aziende Agricole Zanetti Salvino, Simeoni Giuseppe, Lotto Gabriele, Righetti Marisa. All these companies are located in Rivoli.

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