What to eat and drink in the Garda lake area

Welcome to Garda Lake, dear tourists. We hope you will enjoy your holiday, if it is a relaxing moment for you, or your staying, if you reached this place just for some business. One thing we are totally sure of: you will have an unforgettable experience by trying the traditional cookery and excellent ingredients, of the local cuisine.
You will hav the ideal occasion to discover  not only the good food, but also the traditions related to this place.

As far as it concerns the food, it is a mix of the tastes of the Mediterranean Culinary art and the delicate taste of the Garda Lake cookery, keeping in mind that most of it belongs to the traditional mountain dishes. Thanks to the mild climate, people of this region can have a lush vegetation, due to the fact that the products of the earth are always abundant and tasty.
Each area has its own speciality, such as the carne salada and the broccoli that comes from Torbole, the plums from Dro, the marroni from Drena, the very well known olive oil, famous in the whole country, the polenta and all the delicious sweets, such as strudel, raspberries, honey and apples.

Of course you can’t taste these delicious dishes without a good and appropriate wine. You will be asked to choose between these excellent wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Merlot, Nosiola,Schiava, the grappa and the Vin Santo. Try to drink all of them, since they are really good and typical of the Veneto region. Of course you can find, for example, a Pinot Bianco everywhere in Italy, but, according to me, you have to taste each product in its own place.

In the Garda Lake area you will always have the chance to eat the typical Italian cuisine or the international one, so don’t worry if you don’t like the speciality of the place. You will always find a Mc Donald’s ready to satisfy your stomach!

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