Theme Parks

The southern side of Lake Garda offers two interesting theme parks resorts, particularly indicated for familes; Gardaland and Canevaworld. Gardaland lies near to the city of Castelnuovo del Garda; it was built at first during the seventies by Livio Mario Furini, a talented artist and creative of the latest century. Today, after thirtyfive years of activity, Gardaland has become the fifth most important theme parks of the whole Europe.

theme parks

Gardaland can offer hours of fun for the whole family; if you think that this place is interesting just for kids, you are definely wrong. The cure and technology of many attractions you can find inside the park is so high that even adults will enjoy this experience. There are about fourty different attractions available for the visitors.

Actually, the most popular attractions are : Inferis, the Terror Labirinth, a walking path inside an horror house, animated by real actors; Ramses, The Awakening, a dark ride interactive based upon the story of Ramses; Magic Mountain, one of the most thrilling rollercoasters of the entire Europe; Blue Tornado, an inverted roller coaster; The Spectacular 4D cinema, an interesting 3D cinema with seats moving synchronically with the images.

Inside the park you’ll also find many shops and, obviously, a wide range of restaurants, from luxury to fast food. The playground has also its own hotel. Gardaland is open from the first of April to the first of November.

Canevaworld is the second most important playground of the Lake Garda area. It is incredible that two of the biggest playgrounds of Italy have been built so near each other. While Gardaland is a traditional playground, Canevaworld has some particular features; it is divided into five different areas and the activities are strongly connected to water (Canevaworld is actually one of the biggest waterparks of Europe) and Movies (imitating the famous american playgrounds inspired to the movies world).

The park was built at first in the sixties, and worked at first as a Dancing Hall. Only twenty years later, with the invention of the water slide, Canevaworld, started the process that made it the way it looks today.

The waterpark area is probably the most interesting and funny; there are many water slides, also extremely elaborated. During the last years, Caneva has become even more popular than Gardaland, promoting an healthier way of entartainment, with a deeper connection with sport and nature.

Also the Movie area is interesting, offering attractions like roller coasters, dark rides, labyrinths etc. Anyway, in this field Canevaworld is not able to face the competition with the advanced structures you can find in Gardaland.

For this reason, in the end, the two playgrounds follow different goals, attracting different kind of people. Usually, tourist visit both playgrounds, and that is what we suggest you to do. Differently from Gardaland, Canevaworld is open for a shorter period of the year ; this is due to the particular nature of the park; open air swimming pools obviously can’t be accessible during autumn and winter.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: delawega