Typical Products

The area of Lake Garda is so rich of natural variety that offers a wide range of tasty products; some of them are just a gift of the nature. Others are obtained through the wise work of the man.

Talking about a Lake, we should start necessarily from fish; there are about thirty differente species of fish living into Lake Garda. Most of them are really tasty, like the trout and the carp. In particular, there are many interesting recipes for the trout of the Garda. Fried, boiled, grilled and even dry with a drop of lemon juice; you only have to make your choice.

garda lake typical products

Another important product of this area is the extra virgin olive oil, produced in particular into the area of Puegnago. This oil is really light and has a really small acidity rate. This is something tha makes oil really precious, because the lowest is the acidity, the highest is the quality of the product. Oil is put everywhere into the Italian cusine. In this case, if you want to feel the pure taste of it, we suggest you to try it on a simple slice of fresh warm bread.

Puegnago is also famous for its rosè wine called Chiaretto, this is really a particular kind of wine you can’t find anywhere else. Even poets wrote many pages about this wine, characterized by a unique taste; it is not a red wine, not even a white one. In other words, something definely unique.

Truffles are another product abundant on Lake Garda area; they can be found into Valtenesi and Baldo areas. Black truffle is the most common, expecially the kind of black you can find during summer, but also the famous white truffle is available, even if in a smallest amount. Ask for them into delicatessen shops around the lake. But be careful, they can be extremely expensive, in particular the white one.

The milk of Lake Garda is more salty, due to the amount of vitamins of the grass; this is the origin of many tasty kind of cheese, like the Formaggella or the Tremosine Cheese. A good and easy recipe consist of melting Tremosine cheese, spreading truffle on it. You can’t imagine how tasty could be a recipe, even if so easy.

Meat from this area is also an interesting product; fowl, in particular. Fox, wild boar and birds, expecially during haunting season, are simply delicious. Lake Garda is also famous for its ham and Pozzolengo’s salami, still hand made like one hundred years ago. Enriched with fennel and other spices, Pozzolengo’s salami will definely please your palate.

Also the honey production into this area is widely developed ; chestnut tree and hup honey are specialty you can find on the east coast of the Lake.

Finally, also fruit is special on Lake Garda. White peaches, Yellow peaches and Kiwis, coming from biological farming, are extremely tasty and due to the absence of pesticides, don’t cause any kind of allergy even to the most sensitive people.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: Darren and Brad