Essential Italian sentences you need to know

Welcome to Italy. And now? If you don’t know the language, how do you think to survive in the country, where people speak a little bit of English just in the big cities?

Here there are some Italian sentences which are mandatory to know to survive and to let people understand you in case you need something.

Remember to pronounce them as they are written and good look! Enjoy your vacation.

Excuse me: scusi
Where is…: dov’è…
The train station: la stazione dei treni
The bus stop #… : la fermata del tram numero…
The supermarket: il supermercato
The museum: il museo
The church: la chiesa
How can I go to… ? : Come ci arrivo a…?
What time do you open? : A che ora aprite?
What time do you close?: A che ora chiudete?
Where is the police station?: Dovè la stazione dei carabinieri?
How much does it cost? : Quanto costa?
Is it near?: E’ vicino?
Is it far? : E’ lontano?
I’d like to order… : vorrei ordinare…
Can I have a bottle of water?: Una bottiglia d’acqua naturale, grazie
Thank you: grazie
See you soon: a presto
Bye: arrivederci
Good morning: buongiorno
Good afternoon: buon pomeriggio (even if Italian tend to say only “good morning” or “good evening”)
Good evening: buonasera
Do you have free wifi in here?: C’è internet gratuito qui?/Avete internet gratuito?
Where can I find an internet point?: Dove posso trovare un internet point?
Where can I buy the tram ticket?: Dove posso comprare i biglietti per il tram?
What time does the bus arrive?: A che ora pass il tram?
Is the tram on time?: Il tram è puntuale?
Is the tram in late?: Il tram è in ritardo?
Where is the post office?: Dov’è la posta?

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