Visit Arco

In the northern part of the Altogarda sealed by the hills of Sarca valley lies the city of Arco. This beautiful city is really interesting for its particular micro-climate. Even during winter, Arco enjoys a warm temperature.
For this reason, if you are planning a vacation in Arco, every period of the year is good for your staying; in any case we suggest you to come during Spring or first Autumn. Arco is definely a relaxing city that offers, at the same time, many interesting things to see.

The first place you should definely visit is the famous Arco’s caste; this Middle Age building lies on the top of a cliff, dominating the whole valley of Sarca. Take your camera with you, because the view from there is definely amazing. The story of this building is covered by a mistery. Even if it’s evident the Middle Age origin, there is no storical trace of its construction.

From Renaissance to the sixteenth century, it was property of the noble families of the area. Then, during French invasion, the castle was abandoned. Only during the last century, Arco’s administration renovated the building that was in really bad conditions. Today is one of the most interesting locations of the norhern Lake Garda area.

Another place of interest is the famous Collegiata dell’Assunta, a beautiful church in the middle of the city. Built on the remains of a Romanesque church during the seventeenth century, this church is particular interesting for what you can see inside; a marble statue of the Virgin Mary made by the famous sculptor Gabriele Cagliari and the altar made by Domenico Rossi.

Arco is also famous for the palaces made by the nobile families of Arco. In particular, Palazzo Marchetti and Palazzo dei Panni.

The best way to reach Arco is definely by car. If you are coming to Italy with plane, you should land in Milan and then rent a car at the airport. The quality of the hotels you can find in Arco is really high; in spite of that, prices are definely affordable.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Bluecherry1408