Visit Bardolino

On the east side of Lake garda lies the beautiful city of Bardolino, a lovely location with a really long story. This place was inhabited since prehistory; pile-dwelling from that period were found during thelatest century. During Middle Age, Bardolino became an important center of culture and power, due to the presence of the famous Priorato di Bardolino (Bardolino’s Priorate). The entire area of Bardolino was extremely rich of Monasteries.

Still today many of them remains and definely worth a visit: Garda, Lazise, Sirmione and Rovereto, for example, where you can learn more about the life of monks and taste the products they make; grappa, choccolate and tisane.


Into the old city (you can recognize this area because is sealed by the old walls), we suggest you to visit the Church of San Zeno, so perfectly built during middle age to remain intact even during the terrible earthquake of 1117.

Also the Church of San Severo is beautiful, with its particular Bell Tower. Take a walk into the old streets of Bardolino, you’ll enjoy the view of beautiful buildings and Villas, like Villa Bottangisio, Villa Guerrieri and Villa Marzan.

Bardolino offers several accomodations; it’s better for you to make your reservation at least a month before the period you are planning to stay. Expecially if you are coming during summer. You can reach Bardolino by car ; it’s just fifty minutes away from Milan. Otherwise you can come with train, taking the Garda Lake connection always in Milan.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Feuillu