Visit Brenzone

During the latest century, 4 different towns decided to join together into one. In this way originated Brenzone, a beautiful location on the east side of Lake Garda. This place is really enjoyable if you are looking for a relaxing vacation,in particular during spring and summer.

Only on 15 August, on the occasion of the “Crazy Boat Race”, the place become really crowded. If you are coming during August, attend to the Boat Race. It is really an interesting event where people from all over the world realize boats with waste matter, making a race into Garda Lake.


The nature surrounding Brenzone is extremely rich and beautiful; a long walk into the woods of Brenzone is strongly suggested if you want to feel yourself part of the nature. You can also
make a tour on Costabella’s Mountain. There lies the famous Rifugio Chierego, at 1900 meters of altitude.
A curious thing ; you can eat everything but rice at Chierego. The reason is physical: rice can’t be cooked at this height.For this reason, people from there replaced it with barley. During your staying in Brenzone, don’t forget to visit also the Middle Age villages of Borago, Castello and Venzo.

Brenzone is still experiencing some problems with accomodations. In any case nevermind, if you can’t find an hotel, expecially during summer, you can take a look to the close cities. Or, differently, you can stay in Verona and reach Berenzone by car; it is just twenty minutes away.

In order to see th beauties of this area we strongly suggest you to rent a car; trains and pubblic services won’t let you appreciate the location. And your trip could become really wearing. Finally, don’t forget to taste the wine of Brenzone; here you can find a really tasty red Novello.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: juergen.mangelsdorf