Visit Castelnuovo del Garda

Just eighteen miles distant from Verona, Castelnuovo del Garda is, like Bardolino, one of the oldest human settlements of the entire area, and probably of the whole Italy. Castelnuovo was also the theatre of many battles between Romans and Barbarians.

During the ages, Castelnuovo was always conquered by different domains. Venice, Austria, France; everybody wanted the control of this place, for its strategic position. After all these fights, today Castelnuovo is a peacefull location where the remains of the past wars are just covered by trees and bushes.

castelnuovo del garda

Castelnuovo become really crowded only during the popular “Festa dell’Uva”; if you like wine we suggest you to plan your trip in coincidence of this event; you’ll be able to taste the best italian wines from the northern parts of Italy. Black Wine, White Wine and the famous Rosè from Moniga are the indiscussed stars of the festival. Another interesting event is the famous “Festa della Bandiera”; during this day people from Castenuovo, evocating their past, re-interpret the Third War of Independence

Even if Castelnuovo has been the crossroads of many armies, it has has really few accomodations to offer for tourism. The best solution could be staying in Verona. Otherwise, do a deep search for hotels and agrotourism resorts.

Another solution could be to stay into one of the resorts available into the near playground Gardaland, one of the biggest of the whole Europe, just outside of the city of Castelnuovo. If you are travelling with kids, don’t forget to spend at least half day there.

This second option is strongly suggested; agrotourism, in Italy, has become veri popular. In any case, keep in mind you’ll need a car in order to move with ease in this area. Even if covered by the service of the railroad, you wont be able to reach many areas of interest without your own means of transportation.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: llares