Visit Desenzano del Garda

On the southern part of Garda Lake lies Desenzano del Garda, a beautiful town very suitable by young people. Discos, nights and many other entertainment resources are available every day in this modern location, usually called “la Rimini del Garda” (Rimini on the Lake Garda).

In Desenzano del Garda you can find a wide range of accomodations, suitable by low, medium and high budget travellers. For example you can take a bungalow into a camping for less than fifty euros per night. At the same time, luxury suites can cost you ten times that price for a night.


The beach of Desenzano is always clean, but also very crowded. If you are planning a trip to Desenzano during August, be sure to have a reservation also for a place on the beach.Even if the city becomes populated mostly during summer, Desenzano has also other kind of entertainment to offer.

The old city was developed at first by Romans. Lately, during Middle Age, the city improved its extension. Today, the famous Castello di Desenzano is a classical tourist destination. From the roof of the caste, you will be able to enjoy the best view of Garda Lake. Lots of available postcards were taken from there. The castle has also an interesting museum inside, with a big collection of finds from the middle age period.

Around Desenzano you can find many other points of interest. If you like long walks into wild nature, you should visit the northern side of the lake. But be careful, during summer there are always a lot of mosquitos. If you are travelling with family, you probably would like to visit Gardaland, one of the biggest Amusement Parks of Europe.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: Dando88