Visit Garda

On the east side of Lake Garda lies Garda, an old Longobards settlement. The word Garda originates from “Warda”, that means “guard”. During the first Middle Age, when Romans were fighting against Barbarians, the whole area of the Lake Garda was an important strategic point, due to its position.

Garda town was the most important point of Lake Garda during the conflict between Romans and Longobards. Centuries later, Garda became important for its Monasteries that were under the control of the Priorato di Bardolino (Bardolino’s Priorate).


In Garda town there are many interesting places to see; we strongly suggest you to visit the popular Eremo dei Camaldolesi, built during the fifteenth century, and Santo Stefano’s church, a century younger than the Eremo. You’ll probably enjoy also a visit to civil buildings like Palaces and Villas.

In particular, take a look to the famous Palazzo dei Capitani and Villa Canossa, property of the family that helped for the reconciliation between the emperor and the Pope. Also if you like nature, Garda Town can offer you beautiful locations ; in particular Punta San Vigilio, a peninsula extremely picturesque.

Finally, we suggest you to plan your trip during summer. In particular, if you are coming during August, you’ll be able to assist to the famous Palio dell’assunta, a Boat Race that takes place at midnight on the fifteenth of August. There are about eight available accomodation in Garda Town. As usual, a car is definely suggested for this kind of trip.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: ell brown