Visit Gargnano

Gargnano is one of the biggest cities near Lake Garda. But, at the same time, one of the less populated, to to the asperity of its terrain. Instead of that, Gargnano was always visited and inhabited by famous people; Erika Blanc, Cesare Lievi, Benito Mussolini and, today, Uto Ughi, one of the world’s most talented violin players, have been or still go to Gargnano.


The area is very calm and peaceful; not exactly a place for tourists looking for discos, pubs and night fun. The main part of the town lies near to the beautiful lake Valvestino, an artificial lake realized during the last century. A perfect example of interesting landscape made by the man.

In Gargnano there is the head office of the famous Feltrinelli foundation. This center, branch of the University of Milan, has the goal to value and promote the developing of Italian language and culture.

Another important cultural institution is the Art Institute of Garda. This is the most important school of art of the northern Italy. There you can assist to many exhibitions and festivals drawing there the most talented artists of the area.

If you want to plan a trip in Gargnano, you’ll need to do a deep search; there are not many accomodations, and most of them are not available through the web. For a trip to Gargnano, it is strongly suggested to have your own car; you’ll need it to reach the town, and, most important, to move around the different areas of it.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: die.tine