Visit Lazise

Lazise is a small city that lies on the east side of Lake Garda. Like Bardolino, also Lazise has a long story , being inhabited since prehistory. During the long war between Romans and Barbarians, Lazise was theater of many battles. For this reason, during the Middle Age, Lazise’s people asked to the emperor the right to build town walls in order to have a better defense.

The opera was finished under Scaligeri’s domain. People from Lazise always showed a strong character. When Verona decided to surronder to Venice, during Renaissance, Lazise came up against that decision, engaging a reckless fight versus the strongest domain of northern italy.


Today Lazise is definely a more peaceful town, offering stunning lake views and a lovely old harbour where you can go for a walk and shopping among markets. At the old harbour, don’t forget to take a visit to S Niccolò’s church, an old Romanesque church built during the thirteenth century.

If you like religious monuments, you’ll probably enjoy also a visit to SS.Zenone and Martino’s church. This church has a really interesting bell tower, we strongly suggesty to see it.

Planning your staying in Lazise is quite easy, there are many accomodations available in every period of the year. The best choice should be to plan a trip during August. In this way you’ll be able to assist interesting events like the old Festa dell’Ospite (Guest’s Party), consisting on a big show of markets from all around the northern Italy, and the curious Cuccagna del Cadenon.

This event is a contest between people from Lazise; a long bar of about eight meters is put horizontally on the lake, sprinkled with grease and turned continously while people walking over it try to keep the balance, avoiding to fall down into the lake.

Reaching Lazise is easy if you have a car; differently you can use the train ; this solution is suitable if you are not planning to go around other places and stay the whole time of your vacation in Lazise.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: photolupi