Visit Lonato del Garda

This old city built at first during prehistory, then strongly fortified by of Romans, lies on a hill facing to Lake Garda. The word Lonato probably means lake and is connected to the presence of Lake Garda under the hill.

The Romans imprint can be easily seen around Lonato. From the disposal of the streets, to the old remains of the empire, like the roman furnaces you can find in the center of the city.

lonato del garda

The city of Lonato has many interesting monuments you can see, in particular, the beautiful Clock Tower and the San Giovanni Battista cathedral, built during first Renaissance. It is sixty meters high, an impressive construction for a small settlement like Lonato in a so ancient period.

In Lonato you can visit also other interesting churches; in particular we invite you to take a look San Zeno’s church. This is the oldest church of Lonato, and one of the oldest still conserved of the whole Italy. It was built on the fourth century. This is really interesting, if you think that the Colosseum of Rome is just three hundred years older.

The figure of San Zeno is really important for Lonato and Christianity in general. Every year lots of people come to Lonato in pilgrimage. The city offers a medium amount of accomodations; start looking for a place to stay at least two weeks before your vacation period.

You can reach Lonato with car or train. Otherwise, if you like, there is also a bicycle path connecting Lonato with Desenzano del Garda and Brescia. In this case, don’t forget to take your camera with you, there are many beautiful views you’ll like to photograph.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: motumboe