Visit Malcesine

Malcesine is the northern town lying on the east side of Lake Garda. The territory is characterized by a huge height difference, that makes this place so particular and fascinating. Be careful, if you or a member of your family can’t face continous climbs and slopes, is better avoiding a trip to this place. Differently, if you like long and binding walks, you’ll definely love your staying in Malcesine.

The main attraction of Malcesine is the old castle. This castle has a long and tormented story; during the centuries it has been destroyed and reconstructed about four times. Built at first by Longobards, the castle was totally burned to the ground during the war against Franks. The one you can see today has been rebuilt by Scaligeri during the fourteenth century.


On the climbs of Malcesine you can also visit many beautiful churches, like S.Maria di Navene and Santo Stefano. Don’t forget also to visit the old Pieve di Santo Stefano, built during the ninth century after Christ and still standing.

Probably the most interesting thing of Malcesine are the beautiful views you can admire from the climbs facing the lake Garda, or viceversa, looking to the hills from the lake. This is probably the reason why this place is always crowded by tourists and particularly by photographers.

Reaching Malcesine is quite easy with a car, and becomes difficult without. We suggest you to move with car in any case; expecially if you are planning your trip during winter; otherwise, the hard climbs could become a little tiresome

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: TheManWithoutHair