Visit Manerba del Garda

Manerba it’s a small town of the Brescia’s district, divided into six different hamlets; Montinelle, Balbiana, Solarolo, Pieve, Crociale e Gardoncino. This is a good place where you can stay during your vacation, if what you are looking for are relax, peace, silence, nature and really tasty food and wine.

The area has no many monuments or buildings you can see; here the wars of the past centuries, from middle age to the late eighteenth century, were so hard that only a few remains can be seen, maybe deeply covered by bushes and leaves.

manerba del garda

The nature, here, is the main star. The beautiful views, created by the landscape, and also by old farmers working silently are something really particular. If you can, enjoy also a trip to S.Biagio, the rabbits Island, the small island into the lake garda belonging to Manerba.

It is really small but extremely wild and beautiful. And what about food ? Here you can taste the real natural products of this area. From the cheeses , like Caciotta and Robiola, to the meat of wild boar and fox. The best way is going around, looking for old farms, and asking directly for some products; you’ll enjoy something you probably have never tried before.

Don’t forget to try also the wine, expecially the red novello, produced every year during the months of September and October. The fresh grapes of this area are like a breeze into the mouth. For this kind of trip, a car is definely necessary; Manerba has really few accomodations to offer, so it’s better to stay in a town near it.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: mooncross