Visit Moniga del Garda

Moniga, also called Muniga in dialect, is one of the smallest town of the Lake Garda, belonging to Brescia’s district. This place is famous for two important attractions; the old castle and the well known Rosè Wine Chiaretto. Let’s start talking about the castle.

moniga del garda

The castle of Moniga is one of the better kept of the whole Garda area, that is rich of castles. The first building dates back to the Roman age; it was the head of the fortified castrum against Barbaric invasions. An interesting thing is the system of signs studied by people from Moniga.

Through signs from castle to castle, people from Moniga was able to inform about attacks the city of Brescia, definely far for that time. After the age of invasions, the castle was abandoned. Only during Renaissance, sheperd started to establish into the area, deciding to live in the castle, too.

Moniga is also famous for its Rosè Wine, the Chiaretto. A Rosè is a wine lighter than a red one, but not less tasty. It’s something extremely particular and expensive. A bottle of Rosè can cost even ten times more than a normal red wine. We strongly suggest you to taste it, at least a glass; if you like wine, this would be an experience you’ll remember.

Even being so small, Moniga has a good amount of accomodations to offer; in particular if you plan to come during the period of the harvest. Anyway, you need to move with car into this area, because, even if there is a train, you’ll probably like to move around the area, that is definely beautiful.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: Maurizio Molinari