Visit Padenghe sul Garda

Padenghe is a town lying on the southern side of Garda, in an area also called “low Garda”. Also in Padenghe you’ll be able to visit a beautiful castle, built around the eleventh century; probably one of the youngest of the Garda area, where the most part of castles were built during the late Roman empire.

padenghe sul garda

Like many other cities of this area, also Padenghe has a beautiful Pieve (churchyou can visit; the famous Sant’Emiliano’s. Take a deep look to this building, it really perfectly embody the Middle Age style, with its austerity and impressiveness, although it is not a particularly huge building.

In Padenghe there is also a old Palace you’ll like to see, the famous Palazzo Barbieri, built by the family with the same name. The old city is definely beautiful; if you want to feel the true atmosphere of the italian life into small towns, just head to the main bar into the central square of the city; you’ll be able to taste something that is disappearing elsewhere, into big cities.

Padenghe is also a good place to taste true italian food. From the famous cheese of the Lake Garda, to the tasly meat and aromatic ham. Another interesting product you can find in Padenghe it’s the truffles; the black one, in particular, with its scent, can be bought in Padenghe’s stores during October and November. Plan your trip to Padenghe at least with two weeks of advance. Also, travel with a car; you’ll move easily around the area.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: YehudaCo