Visit Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera is one of the biggest cities lying on Lake Garda. With more than fifteen thousands citizens, Peschiera will offer you an atmosphere completely different from what you can find into small towns and villages around Lake Garda. For this reason, we suggest you to stay in Peschiera for your vacation in particular if you need to stay as closest as possible to a city that provides every kind of comfort and resources.

Peschiera was at first a Roman settlement; during the centuries, it became the most important city after Verona. The two cites were deeply liked due to political and economical reasons. Commercial agreements from the Reinassance kept this connection until present days.

peschiera del garda

The most important monument of Peschiera is probably the Santuario della Madonna del Frassino; this building has many important things to offer. Art, history and faith are kept jelously into the walls of this ancient Church. Just to give you the idea, the son of the King of Scotland, Roberto Stuart, was the one who put the first stone of this building. Inside you can admire operas from many important italian painters like Paolo Farinati and Giovanni Andrea Bertanza.

Another thing you’ll probably like to see it’s the Fortress of Peschiera, built at the confluence of the Mincio river into Lake Garda. The building has a strong Roman mark and is perfectly kept, even if it’s definely one of the oldest constructions of the entire Garda area.

Peschiera offers many activities in every period of the year, from boat races into the lake or into the Mincio river, to Art Contests like “Street Artists”. The city is perfectly connected to Milan, Venice, Verona through the railroad and is the best place to accomodate during a trip into Lake Garda area. Anyway we suggest you to come with your car, in this way you’ll be able to enjoy also the view of other smaller and more suggestive towns of the Garda district.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: El Mostrito