Visit Puegnago del Garda

Puegnago, also colled Puegnac in dialect, is a small village of the Brescian district, really close to Lake Garda. It is really small; it has only a surface of ten square kilometres. All the activities of Puegnago orbit around the mail square of the town, the one with the big bell tower, that has also a beautiful clock.

puegnago del garda

The area is full of farmers and wine growers. Wines from this area, like the famous Groppello are well known and bought by people from all over the world. Also the Oil has a long tradition here: the brand Casaliva produces here it’s famous extra virgin that is sold into the most expensive delicatessen of Italy.

For this reasone every year, Puegnago organizes, during September, the famous Fiera di Puegnago; a festival of winers and craftsman from the entire Garda area. Coming to Puegnago in this period is definely interesting and impressive; the town gets extremely crowded and even drinking a coffe into the local bar become difficult.

It’s a singular occasion; during the rest of the year, just a few tourists come to this beautiful town, probably too small and wild in order to attract a bigger amount of people. In spite of that, during the Festival, seems like all the people that didn’t come during the rest of the year decide to come at the same time.

For this reason, we suggest you to visit Puegnago during summer and find an accomodation somewhere else; the offer of accomodations is definely poor. Finally, as usual, plan to move with a car; going around without would not be possible here.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: Maurizio Molinari