Visit Salò

Salò is a beautiful city lying near the Garda Lake. His past, expecially during Middle Age and Renaissance, has been similar to many other cities of this area. What made this place different was the instauration of the Repubblica Sociale Italiana (Salo’s Social Republic of Italy) during the fall of Fascism, in the latest century.

Avoiding political opionions and views, we can say that the Repubblica Popolare was the fortune and the disgrace of Salò, at the same time. If, from a side, that event has made Salò an important storical testimony that still interest historians and scholars, from the other side, it gave a bad reputation to the city.


Still today, people, in particular from Italy, try to avoid planning an holiday in Salò, due to the risk of being addicted of friendship or interest with the old Fascism ideals and political views. For this reason, the most part of tourism in Salò is foreign.

As you can imagine, the city has many historical attractions, probably more than many other cities of this area. Finding an accomodation in Salò is not difficult, there are many hotels available in every period of the year. If you’ve decided to spend here your holiday, take a visit to the beautiful Dome of S. Maria Annunziata. Inside you can find many operas of the famous painter Romanino.

From the period of the Social Republic, there are still many interesting traces, in particular into civil buildings. Don’t forget to visit also the permanent expositions dedicated to that period. It is quite interesting to see the ideas used to set up a new State literally from scratch.

Moving around the area of Salò will be interesting too, also in order to visit other interesting places. For this reason we suggest you to travel by car, even if the city is well connected through the railroad.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: morBCN