Visit San Felice del Benaco

S.Felice del Benaco lies on the west coast of Garda Lake, and its part of Brescia’s district; it is a beautiful and small town, perfect place for a relaxing vacation into the nature. There are also some monuments you’ll like to see in S. Felice, like the Parrish Church, and the famous Carmine’s sanctuary.

san felice del benaco

Another interesting place, belonging to S.Felice del Benaco is the Garda Island. The island hosted an important Franciscan Monastry until the eighteenth century. A true center of power and culture, sadly disappeared. Today the whole island is owned by a nobile family from Rome.

During your trip in S.Felice, bring your camera ; the view of the lake from here is particularly beautiful, expecially during the first hours of the morning. The nature around S.Felice is even more interesting, with its wildness. The scent you can feel during spring is something can’t be described with words. Of course, if you suffer for some kinds of allergies, avoid a trip in that period.

Reaching San Felice is quite easy by car; the town is just twenty minutes away from Brescia. Probably you can have some problems in finding an accomodation, expecially if you are planning your trip during summer. You should make your reservation at least one month before the period you are staying in vacation.

During the other seasons of the year there are no problems and you can even make a reservation one or two days before your trip. As usual, travelling with car is the best solution in order to move around easily.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: Maurizio Molinari