Visit Sirmione

Sirmione, also called Sirmiù in Brescian dialect, is a town lying in the southern part of Lake Garda. The city is an important tourism resort, due to the beauty of the city and the Spa presence.

The history of this city is strongly connected to the Romans, they were the first to establish a big settlement on the first core of the village, originary from the prehistory. The famous poet Catullo used to spend his time in Sirmione, where he owned an house. Still today you can visit the famous Grotte di Catullo ( Catullo’s cave).


During the middle age, Sirmione was theatre of one of the worst pages of Sacra Inquisizione; the entire population of the city, about two hundreds people, were killed because judged guilty of heresy. Two hundred years later the control of the city was taken by Venice

Today Sirmione hosts thousands of visitors every years. Most of them are attracted by the famous SPA, called Catullo and Virgilio. The city offers a big range of accomodation, most of them extremely expensive. Without any doubt, Sirmione is the most expensive location of Lake Garda. However, a holiday in Sirmione can be very romantic and relaxing. Your health and wealth will both enjoy your staying.

You can reach Sirmione by car or train. There is also a well developed service of busses connecting Sirmione with the biggest cities of northern italy. For this reason, a trip there can be organized also without a car, if you are planning just to stay into this city.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: trinchetto