Visit Torbole

Torbole, a small town lying in the northern part of Lake Garda, has become famous due to the passage of J.W.Goethe during his famous trip to Italy. The deutch writer was among the first to realize how beautiful and stunning could be the view of Lake Garda from Torbole. Today, many pictures of the lake you can find on postcards are taken from Torbole.


This place has much more to offer than beautiful views; thanks to its position, surrounded by hills and mountains, Torbole has a particular micro climate that makes the town warm in every period of the year, even during winter.

For this reason, probably, the area was already inhabited during prehistory. The story of this town, during the past century, was very close to the rest of the cities of this areas. Theatre of the battles between Romans and Barbarians, Torbole was strongly fortified But in Torbole, differently from the rest of the cities lying on the Lake Garda, you can find also fortress from the Austro-Hungaric period.

It is interesting to see fortress built by Romans near to these recently built fortress; you can see perfectly the differences and discoveries made during more than one thousand years.

If you like monuments, you’ll probably enjoy also a visit to San Vigilio Church, that dates back to 1203. This church was an important center of power, but it was completely detroyed during the late Middle Age. Built back during Renaissance, it was subjected to the power of the other Priorates of the area.

Since antiquity, Torbole was a destination loved by tourists from all over the world. Goethe in primis. For this reason, probably, Torbole offers a wide range of accomodations and interesting activities. Festivals and art expositions, for example. And also sport; Torbole hosts one of the most important Windsurf school of the whole Italy.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: juergen.manseldorf