Visit Torri del Benaco

Into the district of Verona, on the east coast of Lake Garda, lies the little town of Torri del Benaco. This town is interesting for the particularity of its attractions. First of all, even if small, this town has five different churches; two of them, San Marco and San Gregorio, are incredibly big for a place like Torri del Benaco.

torri del benaco

San Marco is also interesting for its history; this church has remained there, untouched, for about thirteen centuries ; an example of excellent Romanesque construction. Also Torri del Benaco has its castle; the famous Castello Scaligero, build during the fifteenth century. It is one of the biggest castles of the area; inside you can find also an interesting museum.

However, the main attractive of Torri is not a monument, but a natural site, called Grotta la Tanella (Tanella’s cave). This cave has a long story that has been handed down orally during the last century. During the first ages of ‘900, Pietro Aloisi, a constructor migrated into United States, come back to Italy, in Torri del Benaco, following the suggestion of two strange mages that told him he was going to be rich by digging into the Tanella cave.

In this way Aloisi spend all his money looking fot this lake into the cave. And, after about five years of work, a lake is really discovered into the Tanella. But there is no trace of any treasure. Anyway, the cave becomes an attraction for tourists until Second World War. Then, it was abandoned since 2006, when the Province of Verona gave funds to restore the access to the cave.

So, if you are planning a trip to Torri del Benaco, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this unusual location. And who knows, maybe you’ll be so lucky to find the treasure that has never been found before.

Another intereresting thing of the Benaco area is the food, in particular fowl; don’t forget to taste it if you are planning your trip during the hunt season.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: pierofix