Visit Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano Maderno is a big town lying on the western coast of Lake Garda. Toscolano belongs to the district of Brescia. It is one of the biggest town of Lake Garda, with its eight thousand citizens; the town has a double name because it’s divided into two different and indipendent areas; Toscolano, the first one, rich of factories and offices. Maderno, the second, all oriented to tourism reception.

Both cities date back to the Roman period. Differently from other places of this area, Toscolano Maderno didn’t suffer for the conflicts between Romans and Barbarians. Since 1300, the city is well known also for the production of paper; this is the second most important center for paper production, after Fabriano.

toscolano maderno

Like we said at the beginning, Maderno in particular is a city devoted to tourism; with its beautiful position and incredible landscapes, you can enjoy a relaxing and satisfactory vacation. The area offer also interesting buildings to visit, like the famous Villa Zanardelli, owned by the former President of the Italian Government.

However, the tourism attracted to Toscolano is more interested in relax, good food and lake excursions rather than going around looking for monuments. Food in particular is definely tasty; cheese, fish and local ham are well known around the area. You can also taste the wine coming directly from Puegnago.

In order to visit this town, bring your car with you; the railroad is efficient, but probably after a few days in Toscolano Maderno, you’ll decide to explore also the surrounding area; this is possible only if you have your own means of t ransportation .

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: netNicholls