Visit Tremosine

Tremosine lies on Brescia’s district, over a hill dominating Lake Garda. It is a spread town, with a small old center and many other cores distant from each other. This place is particularly interesting if you are looking for beautiful landscapes. It is into the list of the most beautiful places of the whole Italy.


A vacation in Tremosine will definely please you, if you are looking for relax, beautiful views and warm weather. This is another interesting feature of Tremosine; like just a few other cities of the Lake Garda Area, it has a micro climate that, even during winter, helps to keep the temperature higher than the rest of the cities.

There are not many accomodations in Tremosine; even if it is in the list of the most beautiful places of Italy, the infrastructures are still poor. Fortunately. Because we strongly believe that this touch of wildness is what has made the difference during these years.

We suggest you to plan your trip during spring, that is definely a lovely season for staying in Tremosine. The few accomodations available can be reserved also through the internet; keep in mind you shoud start looking for them at least one month before the period you wish to stay in Tremosine, expecially if you have decided to come during summer.

Tremosine offers more than just relax. You can also enjoy lots of sport here; sailing, surf and also the spectacular kite surf is practised in Tremosine. Reaching Tremosine is possible with car and train. But, for the particular disposal of the parts of the town, is necessary to move with a car.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by: Pink-Aquarell